Saturday, December 6, 2008

Speed demon ???

Saturday, December 6, 2008
ha - u wish. Although I have to admit there is something about autobahns that is tempting. Yesterday we had a real leisurely morning. I read the second book and Pam ended up helping Margit make some rum balls. Had spag bog for lunch with almost all the family, only Thomas missing. Poor guy had to be up and at work by 10 am and he slept till 9.30 am. So he took his mum's car to get there in time. He does Civil service with the Red Cross. After lunch we saw some photos from Margit and Harald and then packed the car and drove toward Vienna on the Autobahn. We covered 330km in three hours BUT - yes But we did cover 95 % of the road in just under 2 hours and spent much more time (about 45 min) getting into the big city trying to find his place. There were times when we could cruize in the left (fastest) lane at 150km/hr or more. :)
Imagine getting from CHCH to Picton in 2 hours!! Wohoooo. Im so gonna miss the autobahn when we return. Then after we found Wilfrieds place we had a stroke of luck and got a car park right outside his place - most unusual for Vienna. Expect normally to walk for miles for a carpark.
After we settled in we went to the Viennese Christkindl market. Got the pics to prove it - but cant acces the lappy to trasfer pics so that might have to wait.
Still no snow - might have to wait for that too.
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