Monday, December 1, 2008

Snow or lack thereof

Monday, December 1, 2008
Had a long sleep in, just as well - I think I'm now over the jet lag.
Had a leisurely Sunday morning, and in the afternoon drove up to the snow line - over 15oo m above sea level. There has been a warm wind in the last few days and so all the snow on the low laying areas has melted away again. So we drove up into the "Rossfeld" and stomped round in there. We had a snow ball fight and yes Snow angel - I made a Snow angel just for you!!

Then in the evening we walked round the Christkindl market. LOL we had dinner there - Bosna, Hot maroni, gluwein, and for dessert some Mozart Balls. Even got the glasses to proof that we had the hot and spicy red wein - yummmmm.
Well we did'nt quite make it all through he market, and we will have more opportunity for more later. I would have to say - we could have spent a lot more dollar, apart from the various Christmas teddybear's we bought.
Snowangel = i got you a little something and will post it later

Here you see Salzburg's smallest shop - selling Bosna's. This is the most famous shop and the sausages are delicious!!!! There is always a queue.
The shop itself is no more then 2 m x 1 m.

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