Tuesday, December 2, 2008

New footwear for an old bear

Tuesday, December 2, 2008
teddy bear slippersWe were in search for various things - one of them being slippers.
We ended up going through the largest mall in Salzburg (Europark). The malls are almost the same anywhere - Supermarket / Clothes and more clothes / and various cafes / eateries. Interestingly enough they also had a open bar (where disgruntled wifes can *park* their male partners and a fully fledged kindy/daycare center.
It also freaks out mamabear - but as long as you got them on a leash you can bring and walk your dog through the malls.
Anyhow we found these slippers and I nearly bought them ($40) but did not want to pay that much for them. Then again they could be a Christmas pressie for Micky!!!!
Little point of trivia here - very early on when it was brand new (about 10 years back) - and Web cams only just came on the scene my sister phoned me from the mall and said I am standing there - and we could see her via the web cam. By the time she got home she had *her* picture on her email!!!! Modern technology!
Anyway mamabear went with sis and bought - yes bought- some rainbow trout - which we will have for lunch. Indeed I had forgotten that most middle European folks have their main meal at lunch time, followed by a light snack in the evening.

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