Sunday, November 30, 2008

The old teddy bear is in Salzburg

Sunday, November 30, 2008
Well would’nt you know it – we are in Dubai and just come of a gruelling 14 hour flight. Took a tablet and only got 10 min sleep.
Watched Harry Ford and his crystal skull and Hancock. No James Bond yet. Mamabear watched Wall-e. We both muffle and are in desperate need of a shower. Still the flight was in total darkness and boy both Sydney and Dubai where sooooo hot and muggy. Wonder what Munich will be like weather wise. Rach_who took a pic of Dubai shop but missed Sydney will have to do this on return.
Dearest Jade – did you get out txt from Sydney?
At point of writing jonno will be at work and Michael will pass his exams with excellence – we hope!!Trust they fed them selves and also the other wildlife got enough food.
Gah next time we travel – Scotty do me a favor JUST BEAM ME ACROSS!!Got that Scotty?????


Stardate 29112008.125823
Ok after we arrived in Munich we had no trouble going through customs – in fact the Austrian cheated and entered under the non-eu countries. It pays to have a kiwi wife. So we got picked up and then on to the rental car. Wow – a brand new Peugot 307 wagon. Whohoo – I’m so gonna miss it when we get back. Then on to my sister’s place on the autobahn. Sadly there is too much traffic nowadays and we could only averg 140km/h. Still we covered the 170km in less then 90 min. Not bad given the traffic!!!! And i wish we could travel like this to Dunedin, just imagine. . .
Jet leg is catching up with papabear - he was awake from 3 am onwards. Today we had –5 degree frost in the morning. We will be going to a “Krampus run” – something that happens every year here, but I had forgotten. Boy – that will be a shock to the system for Mamabear.


We are with my Oma for a luncheon meal after we had a leisurely breakfast and a quick stop at the local mall. Will let you know how it went tomorrow – if I still have a wife!
Wonder who won the rugby??

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Jade Elliott said...

Hey Dearest Papbear,
Yes I did get your SMS thank you, just caught it before heading off to look after my cubs.
Hope your holiday is great and I look forward to reading the rest of your blogs.

Merry Christmas to both of you and enjoy the snow for me.... its rather warm here.

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