Monday, August 16, 2010

A coffin fit for . . . . . . .

Monday, August 16, 2010
oldbearnews editor
Meeh - On occasions I have been told I got a morbid sense of humor.  Can't think of why.  However I have got a set of friends who on occasion get me into trouble (and yes - I willingly play along - as it is always good clean fun).
A wee while ago we decided to have a special bottle of - urm - well - white drink of something rather and it needed a appropriate method of taking to camp or outings.  We agreed that we are allowed to drink from it ONLY ever if one of our friends crocks, well naturally, it lends itself to a coffin.  The remaining questions centered then around -- how large, timber or paper, handles or not, and a few others.  Thanks to a friend we finally got a working model.

However Vinnie was  N O T overly impressed with his dad when he suggested to try it out for size - (to see if the dimensions worked of course - no other hidden agenda), and it took a while and a lot of gentle persuasion for Vinny to agree and pose.  Suffice to say --  he wasn't a very happy chappie.

'Just testing dad - right?!?!?!?!'
'Yes son - of course!!'

'See ample space , plenty of leg room, this should do for your plans . . . . '

'Don't even think about making this my bed - NOW get me out of here, pronto please.'
'Yes son - hang a sec . . . . .'

Hmmmm  what to put on the copper plague???   Something that accurately represents the words - oooops nearly gave the secret away
Triple S???

Ah well - maybe we need a secret meeting again soon . . .  . . . . .

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Sir G.H. said...

It looks just what we need although I hope we don't need it for a few years yet!

Great job Paul!

oldbear's trip said...


All things being equal Mr Schick and Smilie will have to fight it out for the right to empty the bottle.
We might have to make provisions for sending it to Smilie - lol this could be interesting . . . . . .
Imagine first class ticket to Europe . . .

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