Thursday, June 25, 2009

I forgot my teddy bear on scout camp

Thursday, June 25, 2009
teddy bear in rain coat
Yep its confession time. I was so pre occupied with getting camp ready and all the other million jobs one had to do - I clean forgot to take my teddy bear on the scout (Kea) camp.
At least thats better then forgetting my pillow - or sleeping bag - all happened b4!
Mind you I had priorities - camera - lap-top - vacuum cleaner (for my sleep apnea) - doesn't leave much room for a teddy bear let alone other clothes. Anyhow I arrived and made my bed and realized what I had done - so gutted. Luckily one of the Mum's had to come out and bring out some other stuff so a phone call later one of my teddy bears was on his way to join me on my scout camp. Still the agony - who to take . . . . .
I have three teddy bears - all honorary scouts and fully scarfed!
There is the original Brodie - who has a lot of sentimental attachments - except he is a wet weather camper (he even has his own Gum boots).
James - well he is special - comes from North Island - came as a gift!
Then there is Hami - well - he is well special too
So you can imagine my dilemma - cloud outside - rain forecast and who to bring - oops get delivered.
In the end I chose James - he is sooooo cute

Alls well that ends well and James and his papabear were re-united!!

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