Monday, April 27, 2009

Scouts begging to go camping on westcoast

Monday, April 27, 2009
Ok - so I am a sucker for punishment and take a small group of scouts on a annual camp over to our wonderful Westcoast. We usually leave Friday evening - arrive sometime before midnight - do some weird and wacky activities (see links above) and come home happy and exhausted on Monday evening. These camp must be good fun. So much so that I have no shortage for Scouts wanting to attend and - urm - well some Venturer Scouts begging to go camping with us.

- This from one lad -
Qoute " can i please com on the west coast camp this year? i really want to go as i have really enjoyed the last ones i've been on and its the best camp all year! and this will probely be the last one i can go on since i'm moving onto ventures. so can i please com i will be a big help! and with all my leaderships skills, and it will be a great experience! can i please come, please! thanks, "

And just in case I didn't get the message he followed up with:

" Dear Papa Bear, most revered scout leader, organiser of fantastic trips, great cooker of lamb..... I wish to ask you if I may accompany the scouts on their annual west coast trip this queens birthday weekend! I am sure that I can provide a most valuable service as a experienced west coast tripper in being a positive role model and an expert loader and unloader of cargo....... PLEASE!!!!!!! I would love the opportunity to go. "

Then there was the email from freckles

Qoute " heyy Reinhold! my favouritest scout leader ever! in the whole entire world :D
hows it going? good i hope.
you no how much i love you and all (: ....
well i was wondering can i come on west coast camp this year PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! please! you just no how much of a help i was there last year not getting sick and all if it happens again you will have my expert help since i survived last year :P
you no you want me to go, you really do"

teddy bear in dressing gownThen there is good old giggles who promised me

breakfast / lunch and dinner in bed and to do all my dishes and even wash 10 days worth of my oldish clothing!

Plus a evening of entertainment -something about a demo on how to peel carrots and other various vegetables. All of that just so that she can secure the one remaining free spot!!!

Hmm tough choice. Actually I do have one piece of washing - its been worn for 10 weeks - has some old blood spots on it - does have a real earthy musky sort of lynx blokish smell - it could do with a good clean out. Amazingly - as you can see - it still fits me.

I have to say - seeing the scouts begging like this - is getting embarrassing. What do I do?????? Who do I take?????? Guess I must be doing something right . . . . . .

Actually - so far all of them have missed the mark by a wide margin. All the greasing up is nice - but really - they should have known better. A teddybear with a home made scarf and offered as a token gesture would clinch a seat on the bus . . . . . . - hmmmmm wonder who will read this first . . . . . . .

I will keep u posted

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