Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Staveley Round up

Tuesday, January 13, 2009
ok - I got a few days holiday left - basically to recover and get back into the groove!! Have been cleaning the kitchen top to bottom and will tackle the bathroom soon.

Meanwhile - some 350 kids enjoyed clay bird shooting, silhouette shooting, archery, metal craft, leather work, stone carving, mountain biking, bmx biking, a series of water sports, horse trekking, bush tramp, 4 wheel driving through bush, a fishing and hiking trip, glass etching, electronics base, minigolf challenge, urm - got to fly (hands on like) a Cessna, camp cooking in an earth oven, mini digger, hehe and drive a small car round a circuit -giving the leaders near heart attacks;
if there are other activities I have forgotten - feel free to leave them via the comments.

Hmmm Holidays are soon over and I have to go back to work - earn cash so we can go again in some years time.
Bummer - I was getting used to be on holiday . . . . . .

PS - of course - how could I forget - there was also abseiling / rock climbing and a photography base

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