Friday, January 16, 2009

Returning to "normality"

Friday, January 16, 2009
Sigh - yes sadly my long holiday has come to an end. I was checking dates yesterday and realized that apart from a few weekends here and there and one week a few years back (and of course all the stats days in NZ) I have not had a decent holiday since 2002 - when ironically we went overseas for 5 weeks, to visit Europe and family!! Well ok - so I spent some of my paid holidays on Jamboree and Staveley Scout camps - which is a holiday of sorts!! No wonder I was getting drained! We certainly seem to struggle to coordinate mine and Pam's holidays. I hope that we don't have to wait another 6 years. Mind you, we got enough air points to fly free over to Australia - so Jade watch out - I might be there end of 2009 or jan 2010!!

Meanwhile - I go to work today to pick up the keys and then on Monday its back to normal! Wonder what will wait for me there!! In terms of Scouting - I have to sew some more scarves, and we are still working away on these computers. Seems while I was away the Uni donated some to our group - how cool is that??!! Then our QM tells me that we are running out of space in our store and we might have to either add on a room or buy a shipping container to store all our gear.
Radar - u are so lucky with your Den!! It was warm and spacious!! I envy you and your group.

The other upcoming big project will be the renovation of our kitchen. There is no real urgency, however the sink will eventually fall through the bench and at that point we will have no choice but to rip everything out and start fresh! Guess who will be doing the bulk of the work there!!

I am also getting my motorcycle license back eg transferred from Austria to NZ - and I am looking to buy some sort of mean machine - maybe a small Harley Davidson. Later when we "retire" we will be carefree and cruising NZ for a whole year - stopping wherever we feel like. From a previous blog entry you can see that Mamabear has already practiced sitting on the bike!!


Well - better get ready - wake up my boys - and get meat out for dinner tonight.

oops speaking of meat - ^^ 6th Feb is d-day for Larry the lamb. Our challenge for our Senior scouts. We start with a live lamb - that needs to be -urm - you know. Then the skin taken off and gutted. Next item will be getting the coal bed ready and slowly turn it over the heat for several hours. This is usually a night activity and cooking starts sometime after 10 pm - and we eat in the every early hours of the morning. This should be fun!!! Usually is. More on that later

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