Friday, January 23, 2009

Sagems My411C Lulu Castagnette clam shell phone for the old teddybear!!

Friday, January 23, 2009
lulu castagnette clamshell phonelulu castagnette clamshell phoneWell, of course, there is a story behind this too.
Suffice to say I really wanted it and nearly missed out on getting it.
By pure chance there was one left in the whole of Austria and we were for once in the right spot at the right time. So we just grabbed it - I mean payed for it and took this back home to New Zealand!
I mean - HOW could anyone resist this?????

Yea, yeah - ok - so the smart ones of you googled lulucastagnette and discovered the lulu castangette phone - a girlie phone?that it is - ahem - " a girlie" phone, somewhat light on grunt and features - but c'mon - it sure looks so cute - hot almost. It does everything I want it to do - and thats enough!
Best off all the local sim card fits and I can actually use it here! wohoooo

Now I see that Walmart is selling luggage with the lulu castagnette images on it - urm - they look very very cute and ahem, *cough* , we will need new suitcases for our next trip. Wonder if Mamabear is prepared to spring US $ 100 or thereabouts for three suitcases??????

some 30 min later:
Hmmmm they sell watches in the store - maybe we need to make a detour to Paris next time round- waddya think mamabear - fancy another trip to Paris?????

July 2009
Lulu castagnette luggage materialWell we do seem to want to travel - so I am looking at some new suitcases - here are some Lulu castagnette suitcase samples - they look just gorgeous. Wonder if can do a mail order from Paris?? What do you think our chances are in that??

lulu castagnette luggage solid

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Jaymo_Black said...

ur girlyness is shineing thru again pb, i am worried

Anonymous said...

LOL jaymo gosh grow up!:P
i like it its so cute:P ok i must admit its a girly trhink but hey his name isnt papaBEAR for letting this phone go:P

husg kes

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