Friday, January 9, 2009

Fairies on a tramp

Friday, January 9, 2009
male fairies on scout campWohooo
Had a fast turn around after we arrived back home and after a wash and sleep, drove out to the Scout camps site at Staveley and met my fellow fairies for a week of fun and hilarity.
I had a blast, as have all the other kids and leaders that where there. We also were a little - urm - "off-beat" - in celebrating a leaders 21st b-day!!!! See photo attached! Are we a crazy happy bunch or what??

HAPPY 21st Jon-e

We had huge fun in producing a "underground" camp- news paper and well - Jorja - who will ever look at a carrot in the same way?!!!! Eh giggles??
Only sad thing was we missed our comrade in arms - still holed up in old blighty!! Gemma - I'm sure you would have fitted right in. In your honour we wore your scarve!!

We sweltered in hot conditions - one day reaching 35 degrees!!! Then my sister txt's me and informs us of -15 in Salzburg and that Rotterdam harbor had to use a ice breaker in a very loooong time to clear the harbour!!! This must be only the second camp that Brodie has been to where it had not rained at all. Mind you - while I was still in the air (coming back from our little junket) - they had to put up tents in gale force conditions. Tents got blown over and damaged in 150 km/h winds!!!! Glad I missed that!!
There are mor pics - but I have to wait for them to - urm - develop!!!

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