Thursday, January 1, 2009

Big Bang - in Salzburg

Thursday, January 1, 2009
Its new years eve in Salzburg = hey NZ'ers - HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

Anyhow - its another stunning clear day - and yes another -9 degrees!! Slept in and then drove to a shop near airport to get last minute supplies for the feast later on. Saw the "other home" of Mr Red Bull - who is a native of Salzburg and has a luxury mansion on Lake Fuschl! He has a place at the airport which doubles as a display for aircraft (inside his house - talk about a

garage!!) and includes a very expensive restaurante and bar. Us mere mortals cannot afford to eat there!! He certainly has more cash then he knows what to do with it. He owns a soccer club, ice hockey club and wants to build a Soccer school - a school for soccer prodigy's!!

Anyhow - today will be our last full day in europe. Had difficulty confirming our flight back to nz, and mamabear -after freaking out - managed to get hold of a emirate spokesperson who did confirm our flights. For a while the internet hick up looked like we had to stay a few more days - but rats - yes we have to leave on time and should return on time!! STAVELEY - here I come!
So later early afternoon we will be in town where there will be a traditional "Boeller" urm bang from the top of the castle. Which is as I gather a rather large howitzer firing blanks from the top - but making a HUGE noise!! Cant wait. At some point we fire our own bangers and rockets. Daniel is itching to go out and let rip - yesterday, and today is worse!
Then back home and dinner and drinks and the obligatory tv show - "Dinner for One".
A annual new years eve tv classic, that has cult status in europe - you just wont believe!
Then back into the town to see the fireworks - and then bed. Urm just as well that our flight is not leaving till 9 pm on Jan 1!!! We can sleep in - a rarity!

Here is the promised picture to prove that I was in Munich with mayzoon and her crew. And yes it was as cold as it looks there!!
For those eagle eyed people - yes we were right outside the famous Brauhaus!!

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