Saturday, January 3, 2009

Back home - or are we???

Saturday, January 3, 2009
sigh - we are back in Christchurch to be greeted by a thunder and lightning!! Most unusual - COULD we have brought back with us some winter weather????
Left Munich in snow fall and -3 degrees.
My sis tells me that today is yet another -10 degrees day in Salzburg
My dear wife informs me that she would consider another winter holiday - arriving 20 Dec and leaving after 5 weeks or so - we will need to save more then one penny for that!!!

For those stats minded folks!!

Traveled - total 4377 km while in Europe - most on the autobahns (I am so gonna miss that car)
The "little round trip" in itself was 2700 km!!

Munich - Dubai 6 hours flight
Dubai - Sydney 14 hours flight
Sydney - Christchurch 4 hours flight

That's not counting the time spent on cuing at airport/ Check in / Check out
We have handled our passport more times in last 30 hours then in the previous 10 years.

The first wash is in the machine, I had a shower, Jonno is gonna cook dinner and all I have to do is to dry said washing and then have a good nights sleep b4 I head of to Staveley Scout Camp!
So I am home - but not home - if you get the drift!!

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Anonymous said...

Glad you are home safe!

Hugs Radar

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