Friday, December 19, 2008

White Christmas is a possibility

Friday, December 19, 2008
Hello all - here is at last a pic from the Rheine valley. Yes it was cloudy and this was one of the better surviving Castles. Interestingly enough some of them have been converted into hotels - so if you wanted to you could bunk down there and pretend you are a river pirate - on the lookout for some ships to be looted - or just enjoy the scenery and walks. The hills are used extensively for grapes and the region is well known for its vintage - as I can attest. Yumm

Yes folks it snowed heavily for the first time in Salzburg. A white Christmas is a definitive possibility. This is me retrieving our snow boots from the car for our trip out later. By the time we had walked back from the post shop and the local bakery (a 10 min stroll) the tracks we had made in the snow had been covered by the "new" snow.
It made for a challenging drive later in the evening as the roads where more like a ice ring and you had to be careful how you drove round the corners - or you need a panel beater. Suffice to say the car is still in good shape - mamabears nerves on the other hand . . . . . . .

As I sit here and write on the following morning this pic was taken, I look out the window and it is snowing heavily again. Wohooooo

LOL here is the loot. Yes boys (my boys) you M I G H T get one or two. We went to the Factory where they make this delicious delicacy's and bought in bulk - much cheaper then buying from the various shops in town. However they weigh 4 kilograms and we have a 20 kilo weight restriction from our airline. Bummer -- we just might have to eat some before we leave!!! What else can we do?????

I was told not to do "scouting" while on holiday - but I do know several Scoutlink chatters and we certainly have met some in Holland and Germany. Here I am meeting a lovely young lady who is a group leader in a Scout group near Vienna. We met in the same pizzeria that we had taken our boys to in 2002 (same bald owner) and I had frequented often while I still lived in Salzburg. The meal was just lovely and so was the company. I am afraid we did bowl over Sissi with our Xmas pressie which was unexpected by her. But the Teddy bear (complete with his own mini scarf) and the NZ Jade (handmade on that fun weekend of QEII weekend in NZ) were greatly appreciated. Now that we have instant communication (email/msn/txt) it is not so bad keeping up in touch with these folks - but it doesn't replace a meeting in person! Sigh - when will Scotty be able to beam me half way across the world????? Wouldn't it be nice??

Anyhow - all this snow must have worn mamabear out - its 9.12 am and she is still asleep! I shall have to wake her soon.

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