Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Second time lucky

Tuesday, December 9, 2008
okies - after we arrived home yesterday night - Mamabear had this real urgent craving for McDonalds. So Wilfried stayed at home and the two of us braved the Vienna streets. Saw some more decorations - a whole length street with blue balloons. Brilliant. Found the Golden Arches and settled in for a meal. Not much diff food on offer compared to NZ. Had to bring my burger back as the meat was not cooked properly.
Then we took the strassenbahn back home and settled in for the night. Wilfried watched the movie 'Pearl Harbour' - us oldies decided by 11 pm to go to bed - we knew how the movie finished.

This morning we went back to Schloss Schoenbrun and the Christkindl market was pleasantly half empty. One could actually walk around and see the goods on offer. However the weather was terrible and sleety. Naturally we had to warm ourselves up with yet more gluehwein, then rung Doris to see if she was home to see our pics. She was and after we bought some gifts for folks back home, we made tracks to her place again. Unexpectantly she had cooked a meal for us (lunch) so we fore-went a meal in a typical Vienna restaurant (that we had planned to visit) and set down with my cousin and her children. After that we showed some of our NZ pics and I think we have convinced one of her daughters to come and visit us.

Sadly after a good and warm meeting it was time to come home - and take a breather before we go out and see the play "Charlie's Aunt" - I will let you know later how it went.
2morrow we head into the unknown of Prague. The town has 350 Hotels listed via Google - so I'm pretty sure we wont miss out on a decent bed.

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