Monday, December 29, 2008

The real Jack frost is knocking on the door

Monday, December 29, 2008
wohooo -
The Marionetten Theater was soo cool. You eventually forgot that they WERE puppets and on strings. The play was good and short (yes it was a shortened 1 hour version of the opera) but you heard all the favorites arias and songs. Interestingly enough there were heaps of under fives there with their parents. Good way to introduce the kids to opera!!

Anyhow - we woke yet to another stunner -blue skies and -10 degrees and other parts of the province had -17 degrees. I jokingly suggested to my sister it is time to invent a battery powered bootwarmer. Some coil etc - it would do the trick - only to be told that it already exists for the ski-ers! Seems to many complaints about cold feet while sking were made so the industry created and catered for the demand.
The proffesional skiers even get jackets that are battery powered and keep them warm!!
Wonder if I can flog one for myself? ? ?

Well we decided to help my sister in th ekitchen today as she is cooking a rather special meal and then use what little warmth there is in the afternoon to get and buy our boys their christmas presents! Given the weight restrictions it will have to be small and light!!!!

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