Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Wednesday, December 10, 2008
here we come. Left Vienna early morning and had fun leaving town - took ages.
The we crossed the border - a non event - no guards, no anything. Only reason we knew we were in Czech republic because of roadsigns. First up in no-mans land was a mini las vegas, complete with casinos and theme parks, first two towns in the new land had heaps of signs advertising brothels and other adult stuff. Yes the adult industry is openly advertised.

Eventually the autobahn run out of road and we had to travel on "normal" roads - slowing us down through every village. Stopped for lunch in the middle of nowhere and had a lovley meal. Menu was written in Czech / German and English lingo - so no trouble ordering.
Back on the road and eventually found the autobahn towards Prague - road condition so bad made me wish I was back on the country roads.
Found the town - big and . . . and in some ways like Vienna. Had booked a apartment via Google from Vienna and had fun finding the guy and place. He very friendly and helpful. Was most unusual way of getting a pad (a lot of work was done via txt and no office or so to go to) = but it seems to work and is close to center of town. Were advised to park car in a "guarded" parking lot - at a cost of course but at least someone is patrolling the car park.
Had a bath in luke warm water and read for a bit before going to sleep. Alarm woke us up at 7.30am so must have had a good sleep.
BTW - not a place I could live in -- the toilet and bath are at the complete opposite end of the apartment. Still is is very spacious!!

Anyhow must get dressed and venture out. Weather cloudy so could be warmer -around 5 degrees. Will blog more tonight.

Be good.

hehehe - blog takes its time of the clock of the pc you log on from. This lappy is still set for nz time, eg it shows 8.54 pm, while it is morning here, but when we used Wilfried's pc it was local Vienna time.

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