Friday, December 12, 2008

Need for speed - grand auto theft???

Friday, December 12, 2008
Woke up to alarm / had breakfast and then packed. Went and picked up car from guarded park and drove back to apartment to collect suitcases. Left around 10 am only to drive in circles round Prague looking for an exit. came across a Police station and asked a question - needed a drop-dead gorgeous young lady (customer) to translate and was shunted from reception to a young upstart who didn't know and couldn't be bothered. He did however leave us a map and after two more circles hit the road out of town - in deep fog and drizzle. Road continued to climb and eventually fog and drizzle turned into snow. After about 40 odd kilometers autobahn run out of road and we were back to country roads.
Suddenly in middle of nowhere - amongst the snow and cold there was a stau (some road blockage) and we crawled along every 15 min or so. Took over one hour to cover about 2 km!! Roadworks - only thing that sweetened the waiting was the snowy scenery and the actual snowing.

Hit the Autobahn again eventually and followed signposts. Covered total of 500 plus km. Had lunch in one of those rest-sposts - lovely meal in snow. Hit the road again and encountered 2 more stau's - one was a crash - a little car tailgated a truck. Police and Fire crew where quickly on the scene - another 30 odd min of crawling at 5 km/h. Eventually Papabear had enough of driving and we left the autobahn in search of a room - only to find a nice hotel just of the main road.

It should be recorded that Mamabear is now calm again after having kittens in the car. She not used to being driven at 170km/h and cars still overtaking us!!!

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