Sunday, December 7, 2008

More souvenir's

Sunday, December 7, 2008
Vienna Christkindl Market - as promised. We have had dozens of calendars with a image of this in Dec - and now we have been there. Even got the mug from the gluehwein to prove it. Sadly about 70 % odd of the stands have little to do with Christmas and is more like the Arts center market in CHCH. Pam enjoyed the Sausage stand and hot drink.
You might not be able to see it but many places like the Vienna Rathaus (first pic on left) that is in front of the Christkindl market use their windows as a Advent calendar. EG they open (pull the curtains and have the light shining) the relevant muber of windows in "the calendar". You can see the number 24 at the middle / top part of the Rathaus.

Saturday - we walked to Karlskirche which has recently been renovated. On the inside is the original scaffolding and lift that the workers used and is now used to get tourists up to the top. If you look hard at the teeny weeny green top of the roof thats how high we got - after many further steps were climbed.

The Riesenrad. A Vienna icon and part of the permanent Amüsement park of "The Prater". It turns slowly and has magnificent views of Vienna. For a xtra fee you can hire one cabin and have a afternoon tea supplied. Certainly the couple in front of us seemed to enjoy the occasion and the bubbly and platter provided. Wonder if he did propose to her??

Tonight we see if we can get tickets to the English Volks Theater - and see "Charlies Aunt" a very humorous play. We looked the the opera but only heavy tragic plays were on offer, an at this point we prefered something light. Will let you know 2morrow how it went.

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