Sunday, December 28, 2008

Frosty is here

Sunday, December 28, 2008
Today (Sun) dawned clear , and the temp plummeted - overnight to -10 degrees. Yep Frosty is here!! Today's "high" is forecast for -3!!! We had many a frosty starts but never this bad. Today is the first time that the windscreen on the car has a layer of ice. Must be a drier air round here!!! Certainly drier then Christchurch!!! Anyhow we both got a decent cold / flu and we just hope it clears b4 we fly out again!! Today we are invited to breakfast at Ulli and Guenthers place and later in the afternoon we will be seeing the Marionetten Theater - all indoor jobs.

Which after yesterdays cold visit to Munich is just as well.

Yes folks we got a special train ticket and went to munich where we were met by mayzoon, wolfi and teggers (all regular scoutlink chatters) and we had a guided tour through the inner city of Munich. There is a photo of it - will upload later!! Luckily I had my thermals on! A wind came in from the Poland / Russia region that is always spine chilling! It was Freeeeeeezing. It isn't just that it is cold - it actually seeps past your layers of clothing and gets into your skin.
The lack of sun did not help either - with a low layer of fog keeping everything cold. Anyhow after two hours of walking round seeing various sights it was time to have something warm to eat - ended up having pizza. The Italian waiter speaking fluently 3 languages!! After that we took the underground to train station. Trains left every hour and we had 10 min to catch one so decided to call it a day and head back home. I think I am paying for it now - I'm all gummed up and have a wicked cough! nm - only a few more days and then we had into warmer climates.

Supplement - lunchtime Sun 27th.

had a lovely time at Ullli's. We got into the car and found it to be cold in there as well - in fact - I had left a 350ml bottle of sprite in it - and it was frozen solid!!!!! Just the way micky likes it!!!
Still by the time we left at lunch it has almost defrosted - lovely sunshine today!!

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Jade said...

..... layer of ice on windscreen... you need to come visit me in winter we have that nearly every day.

Anonymous said...

well it was teggers who was with us and not peggers... I hope you will get healthy soon!
Greetings, mayzoon

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