Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Tuesday, December 23, 2008
Wow - only in Europe - although I dear say some Westcoaster's might do this too from time to time.
Day started with rain and drizzle and we didn't fancy stomping round Munich in this miserable weather so after the usual morning routine we got in the car and went in search for either snow or sunshine - whichever came first. Drove towards the alps and got as far as the Hohe Tauern, where it just started to snow- figures = right on the middle of nowhere and high enough up. So decided to go through the tunnel and came out on the other side - surprise surprise - beautiful blue skies.
This was only marred by the low lying fog that came from the rivers and lakes. Carinthia is known for its lakes and baths. Where else in the world can you enter a mountain one one side with heavy snow and come out the other side and have sunshine?????

Santa Claus spotted in a CafeAnyhow stayed in the local town of Villach - where we had spent a night in 2002 - and walked round town - seeing sights and sounds. It must have been a miserable day cause even Santa Claus was taking a well earned break!!
Luckily for us he agreed to have his pic taken!

We also found this lovely Christmas calendar - and as you can see - only one more day to go - wohooooo!!!!
Yes folks Christmas here is celebrated on 24th Dec - which is just dandy for the time difference to ring ol New Zealand on the 25th their time!!

Then the mad kiwis decided that seeing we where so close to the border we dip into Italy - which we did. Here is the proof!! (I have to admit though - we did only travel 8 km into Italy - took the first exit town - drove briefly round that only to take the autobahn back into Austria)
All in all we did just a smitten over 450km round trip! Not bad for a lazy Monday morning ESCAPE drive. Shame we had to be back home tonight - and get ready for visiting my auntie in Pucking tomorrow - or we would have stayed a night in Villach - and not having a toothbrush would not have worried us!!

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