Saturday, December 13, 2008

Arrived in Holland

Saturday, December 13, 2008
Wouldn't you know it - we survived another 400 + km journey. Day broke with some sunshine and yes there was some 2 mm of snow on car and frost. Packed after breakfast and left for Amsterdam. Had fun deciphering the words - not many clues as to which direction we where heading. Found a map in a Autobahn stop and kinda got our bearings - knew if we got to Harlem we would hit the sea and gone to far. Found eventually the Scout hall in Zwanenburg and met Radar and Kelly - also known as kes! (yes its a small k!!) Amazing when you think we left NZ with no maps!! Good Scouting skills to the fore.
We where shown where to bunk down and then went for a quick walk round town, having sat in the car for the last two days. Small place but it has got everything you could want.
Kelly showed us how to set up the wireless network so we can blog and check emails!! Way cool.
More later

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