Sunday, December 14, 2008


Sunday, December 14, 2008
ok belated here is a pic from when we were stuck in the stau in Czech Republic. Jack frost was certainly with us and we had plenty of time to admire the white stuff!!
In fact one hour worth. nm

After we arrived at Den- as previously said - we had cubs in the Den - here mamabear and kes can be seen enjoying a good laugh. A new variation of our game bullrush - one kid in the middle and has to tackle one child - by getting him/her completly of the ground before they reach the other side. First up a hard job - after that only a matter of team work - and trust me a lot of hard work and laughs for the audience.

Today the alarm went and we got up detirmend to make the most of what promised to be a sunny day. Had quickly breakfast, tidied and then caught first a bus to train station and then double decker train into Amsterdam. Yep u guessed it - bus took longer then the train. Arrived at main train station which is in center of town and ambled towards the main drag. First impression - almost - yes almost everyone cycles - here is a special parkplace that is just for the two wheelers. Some 500 bikes can be parked there. Between smoking and biking - no wonder many dutch girls are so slim and trim!!
It should also be noted that the bendy trams in both Prague and Amsterdam have 5 or more bendy bits in their carriages - because some streets are so narrow - they need to be extra bendy.

Amsterdam has heaps of Museums and the first one we came across we entered - and I had to take Mamabear slightly red faced back out - after having a good look around. However the Musem was very tastefully and thought provokingly done - Google it if you dare. . .
It should be noted that the adult industry - once so prominent - is now being discouraged, as with it came to many other problems - crime and drugs some of them. Eg. you will not find a direct location reference in the city guide for the Red Light district.

From there we tried to walk towards Anne Franks house and got lost again - however did eventually find her former hiding place - and a long Que outside waiting to get in. Mamabear enjoyed the experience even though it was sobering thoughts. After this it was time for lunch and we found a place that sold pancakes - again very filling. After lunch decided to check out the wax museum - had lots to look at. Mamabear got her own hand made into wax after we finished walking round- not sure how that will travel. We both had to laugh hard as on staircase there was a cut section of JLO's bum sticking out - and just that - naturally as no one was watching I had to go and caress that - only ever time u get to do that. Hehe when mamabear did same thing a sound track of a very loud and noisy fart was being played - making her jump!! Seeing as it was a rather polished bum - wonder how many other people got a surprise!!

After this it was time to cruize the shops in search for something small and usefull and light to take home. There were lots of teddybears - but we resisted that. Eventually got mamabear some slippers and myself a badge for my camp blanket. They had some very good looking salt and pepper shakers - not the sort you would put out if you have guest's but as they were heavy in weight we resisted! Much to Pam's relief!!

It was getting darker but decided there was still enough light at 4.30 pm to catch a boat for one hour's drive of the Canal's. Saw another side of Amsterdam, and of course boat was warmer then the outside. By the time we got back on dry land it was time to head back home via train and then bus. Had yesterday's left over dinner with a bottle of German Gewuertz traminer and some chocolate. Caught up with email, blog, msn - and arranged meeting Dee's 2morrow in Rotterdam.
Wohooo we can have a sleep in - as we catch the train to Rotterdam and dont need to be there till lunch!

Poor Radar - she got the flu and is under the weather. Shame as I was looking forward seeing more of her and kes. Still the Den is lovley and comfy - warm and even has a shower. It was a former kindy and after it partially burned down the local scouts bought the place and revamped it. It has Central heating - something i'm so gonna miss back home!!!

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