Sunday, December 7, 2008

All bright and beautiful

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Well we couldn't get tickets for the play so
we ended up going to "The Graben" - a Vienna inner city street where the local council puts up a lot of decorations. A small sample enclosed. Amazing decor, and this is not the time to think of the local powerbill. We did get tickets for Monday night though - so that will be interesting.

I suggested to Pam that we are now entering the red light district - not.
However the lights continued for many a streets. We also run smack into a emergency operation by police / Fireengines / and 2 ambulances. No idea what was what but our walk had to be diverted.

Well "Old Nick" was newly added to the family and straight away initiated into the local customs of late night walks and gluehwein. Another mug to be added to the collection. By this stage we had seen the 8th Christkindl market. Having walked the better part of 2 hours around town admiring all the lights and sights we were ready for a hot drink and then the return journey.

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