Friday, November 14, 2008

Wilderness escape

Friday, November 14, 2008
Yeah - the morning dawned with birdsong and a slight mist. Forecast is for 28 degrees - typical Canterbury show weekend. I'm off to camp - hi ho, hi ho - of to the mines we go (snow white in case you don't know).

Planned activities are woggle making, some form of pioneering project, dutch oven cooking, a session on how to bath and wash in a bucket of water (I DID have a shower this morning!) and a rope bridge across the pond. Wonder how many scouts will "accidentally " fall in the pond?? hmmm there goes the hygiene section!
Anyhow - its time to go - I'm almost fully packed - I got Brodie - so thats a start!

PS. Rach_who pics WILL follow - when I'm good and ready - oh yeah - and I know - I will be GOOD (in being mischievous) hehehe

pps. Then there is a session planned on how and what with
our tutu's - :) see

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