Sunday, November 16, 2008

Survival on pre Stavely Camp

Sunday, November 16, 2008
Scout hiding in the kitchenWell, what a blast and we survived our pre stavely camp! Camp was great. Here a wannabe venturer is seen in the kitchen. This in itself is a strange concept I know. As you can see good help is hard to find - or identify! Suffice to say anyone can track this Scout down by just following the giggling sound......

It should be noted that my dishes got washed only half the time which is technically a break in contract! . . . Hmmmmm come to think of it - where ARE my dishes ? ? ?

Here is the campsite set up, complete with new tents! We had lovely 25 degrees and (thanks Brodie!) NO rain!
In fact it was way to hot, so we changed the plans for the afternoon and had a swim / water fight later on.

rope bridgeAmazing what a couple of clove hitch / figure of eight / and square lashings can achieve!! The most funny thing though was, that only two scouts managed to get right across without falling into the water.
I think they were inspired by the last Olympics and aimed for a perfect ten on style and technique for the "diving" section of this part of the program. it would be fair to say the entry into the water at times were spectacular.

scout spectators got a free showerThe action got so hot for the spectators that they needed to cool down - thanks G.H. - I really needed that.
Venturers have recovered since then - but I'm sure have not forgotten your - urm - kind act - - and will plot for retribution at Staveley camp - I am sure!

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oi smelly why did u have 2 put that foto up i look so stupid

thanks a mill!

ull get ur own

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