Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Snow bunny on a slope

Tuesday, November 25, 2008
Well - ok - So I cheat - but really . .
This is what we are looking forward too - snow - blue dome sky - plenty of sun and a smooth piste - and of course the obligatory snowbunny. Then there is the Apre-ski, where one can meet and greet any number of international folks . . As a matter of fact - apart from family we will be meeting - oh wait - thats still classified. Rats.

No Mr. Schick - I'm not going to bring her back - you go and get your own. (But I could tell you where to look!)

sigh - still 2 sleeps to go and more packing . . . .

Giggles - see the snow??? Remember I WILL bring BACK HOME a snow ball - just for you. I tend to keep my promises.

PS. for those who don't know Apreski IS a big buisness - a quick google search found this http://Apre-ski

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