Sunday, November 16, 2008

Pre Stavely Camp

Sunday, November 16, 2008
ok here are some more news / pictures from our pre Stavely Camp

swimming scout leaderThe builder of the ropeway bridge decided that is was not on that scouts alone should have fun so ended up having a swim too. The pond has a lot of silt and weeds - but was a welcome "cool" down to most campers. Some scouts decided that this would double as their morning shower and washing day - they were in for a rude awakening later.

scouts cooking in a dutch ovenA bit late and cooked in a dutch oven - but a most delicious meal. Shame about the burnt bread and butter pudding - Rach_who - a creation you would have been proud of. There was a lot of smoke!!!! Obviously tending a fire requires a lot of standing round and networking the old fashioned way. No cellphones here!! But what a meal - so tasty!!

the squirrel gangWell - Li'l ol smilie - as you can see there are two additional auxiliary members to the Secret . . . . . . . Club. They have passed rigorous interrogations and tests. Although it has to be said that "Mr Schick" - [ex mr.Bishopdale-harewood back row on left] failed to deliver on his promised bottle of claret. Both have been inducted by way of secret ceremony to join the madhouse of our - urm - society.
Li'l ol smilie - as always - you are never far away from us and the rest of the crew is jealous that we should meet for a very hush hush urm "clandestine" meeting somewhere in Europe! You should know that plans are afoot for Stavely that would make your recent NZ experience more of a - urm - hilarious sideshow. Cant tell you more as its still on a need to know basis and very very hush hush project!! Maybe I will tell you in person later! Looking forward meeting you again soon.

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X_Kia_Kaha_X said...

i think Noel and Roger need scraf rolling lessons
Ian and Jonny maybe too?
4 them its debateable

Rach_who said...

Oh you just have to be proud of a cook up that involves smoke.
I'm pleased there are photos. But I want more!!!!!

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