Sunday, November 23, 2008

more pre-stavely camp antics

Sunday, November 23, 2008
secret swearing in ceremonyThe founding members (Broom, brush, spoon, spade and li'l ol smilie [who sadly remains in the tower of ol' blighty]) of the . . . . . . . Club have agreed to invest certain new folks into the club -here is the scout - oops club promise being made:
On my honour and under severe torture I (mr schick and g.h.) shall reveal nothing to my inquisitors (even under threat of being force fed sugar lollies) and hereby join blah blah blah . . . . . . .

We now have evidence that these two have joined in the very secret hush hush ranks of the secret ........ Club and are on probation till Staveley camp where they have to prove their deviousness by creating - urm - mayhem - urm - distractions - urm - cough - FUN for other leaders. The wearing of Tutu's is a pre-requisite and they have been already kitted out!!!! Of course Mr Schick's stunning smile and G.H.'s wicked sense of humor will come in handy when it comes to doing , , , , , , !!! (I could tell you - but then would have to silence you - permanatly.

scouts on a rope bridge falling into waterThe rope bridge - and despite the best efforts of youth and leaders - this little mermaid managed to stay up and only "voluntarily fell in" when she had enough of being bothered by the kids. She was also the only smart one to change into togs b4 the event. Go that mermaid!!

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X_Kia_Kaha_X said...

this is killing me

tell me things please reinhold!!!!!!!!!!!

oldbear's trip said...
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oldbear's trip said...

You want me to silence you Permanently???
That can be arranged. :P

Where is Ol' Scarface - he's hired!

Anonymous said...

the water fight will continue pay back is coming beware from sore foot and drenced

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