Sunday, November 23, 2008

Let it snow, let it snow

Sunday, November 23, 2008
Yah - this in hot - of the live webcam! They did have a good dusting and gah - thats a temp diff of around 28 degrees plus! Oh boy oh boy - i'm gonna make a snowman and go tobogganing and of course have hot Kanastien and gluewein and stroll trough the market. Oooops first stop will be a special shop - buying right kind of footwear - snow boots!!
Only 4 more sleeps!!!!!!! Let it snow, let it snow - Dean Martin amongst others.
BTW Jorja - I W I L L bring you back a snow ball and stuff it down your . . . . hehehe - you be surprised.
Well better go and hunt for my other thermals - I think we will need them.
Be good

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SnowAngel said...

You gotta make a SnowAngel for me too.

And take a pic, okay?


oldbear's trip said...

will do dearest - just for you.

X_Kia_Kaha_X said...


if u go anywhere near with a snow ball

u will regret it for the REST OF UR LIFE

yes be afraid be very afraid!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

be very very careful! U might yet regret this!
these are very very special "snowballs"

(tasty too)

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