Friday, March 6, 2015

A Bear goes shark-hunting

Friday, March 6, 2015

 It has been a few crazy weeks.  At work we got a new server and all the fun that came with that.  Being the nominated geek in the outfit I had to help with the install.  All good.
Eventually we got most stuff done - just as well because the shark hunting trip loomed large on the horizon.
We keep hearing fantastic - and almost unbelievable stories about our Western Island.  Yes folks in case you did not know this,  New​ Zealand consists of three Main Islands (the South and North are of course best known). Our 'Western Island' however is our best kept secret.  Folks living there actually believe that they are an independent state - but you know *winks* - who are we to argue with them.  This 'Western Island' is so special you find animals there you would not find anywhere else on this round globe of ours.  Thus many of us Kiwis flock over there.  In fact - soon there will be more of us living over there then back on home here, on our two main islands - remember - north and south?!!!
We even have a very distant cousin once or twice removed living on our Western Island.  Mr Koala as he is known, likes to climb the trees and generally is slow moving.  Seems in the heat that is all you can do - eat and seek shade - oh and have an occasional sip from some prescribed red medicinal drink.  Gotta keep your fluids up! So when he invited us for a family re-union of sorts - how could say no???
Just about to log off and shut down the PC.
just about log off and shut down the PC!!
Thus we are running round like well - like wild bees and do everything that one needs to do before going away - you know - locking up the secret honey supply and advising the beehive-factory to go easy on the honey-production for a while. 
No point in keep on producing the nectar if we are not here to - urm digest it, right!?  In any case - I better log off work - there is still a million things to do - not to mention pack . . . . . .    before we catch the big bird.     I must remember to bring some essential gear - after all - the opportunity to go shark hunting comes along only once in your life-time!  *grins*
Any advice on clothing??  I think I am over dressed for the occasion, however you never know with our neighbours what they expect.
Those sharks better watch out - we bears are renowned for our fish-hunting skills.  One of our beary good Alaska friends once landed a giant Salmon who was about 4 meters long or so; hmmm maybe a teeny weeny bit shorter - maybe by a foot or so  - anyhow  . . . . . .   

Have fun

bear print

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