Saturday, January 18, 2014

The calm before the storm

Saturday, January 18, 2014
oldbearnews editor It has been a while since I last put pen to paper - or finger to keyboard at least.
Looking back,  the last entry was before Christmas and much has happened since then. Firstly I went back to Fielding for the Scout Jamboree, travelling up on Boxing day.  Last time we had a jamboree there it became famous for it's mud and the rain we had on the second last day - some 60ml in 2 hours from 2-4am! It flooded and anyone who was there will remember it for the rest of their lives. Here our campsite along with the famous gateway can be seen - it was meant to be as an two door opening but became a revolving door post . . . . . and the first tent on the left had 10cm of water inside - the beds where kinda dry but the gear . . .  ^^
In any case - this years Jamboree in same location was much drier and better - for a start, myself went along as staff - not looking after youth but providing a program activity (internet base). Anyhow - jamboree came and went - and we had a lot of fun - least of all 'Brush'
and myself who went on a road trip delivering the gear needed for the internet base (and that included the Ferry across the Islands).  This is only the back of it - hard to belief that there are 20 pc's, along with screens and various other computing gear, in there - along with our personal gear and other bits and pieces. Yup it made it all up north and back down again on the closing day - which ended up as a long road trip - leaving Fielding 9am and arriving back in Christchurch same day - at midnight!!!!

Then the baby in this madcap group that I admit to belonging to - decided anyone can toss a birthday party anytime - so he celebrated his 26th along with some friends, including all members (and prospective newbies) of the
AITSSS unit (ssshhh its a secret).  He has certainly enjoyed his party. There is talk of a sub (woman’s) division/group to be formed (ITC??) so we shall wait and see. In any case no excuse to go out an party is usually required.

However the most exciting news is that at point of writing the expected visitors to this Austrian Bed+Breakfast will be somewhere over the Indian Ocean and hopefully have had some sleep along with the obligatory airline meals.  Mamabear is running round cracking a whip to make sure that everything is spic and span and that includes me!! 

We have been out this morning - having re-assessed our pillows and got some new ones - seems the boys more or less munted the last one. hmmm Munted - there is a new English word ^^.
The best part was that we went shopping for groceries and we ended up taking advantage of the offered petrol voucher deal - buy $200 of groceries and get $0.25 cents / per litre off at next petrol tanking - valid for 30 days -  which is great as we are going to be doing over 1000km soon . . .   So yes we had no difficulty spending a largish amount on various important supplies - that included Soy-milk for the vegan- and also some of NZ's finest Wino Finos!!
So now it just remains to having to actually make the beds - lay out the towels - draw a map how to get from bedroom to bathroom and oh yes - go and actually pick up the what must surly be tiered travellers.
Wonder if they feel up to  having a celebratory drink later. - will keep you posted.
It is almost literally the calm before the storm.

Have Fun

Urm - with apologies to Freddy Mercury ^^

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