Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Austrian visitors learn about what being really cold means

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

It rained.  and then some.
Thus the decision was made to take a break from hectic activities and first up we visited son numero uno's  place of work (and bought some supplies) .  Then it was back to home for lunch and after that we discussed what we may do - and see - so . .
I suggested the Antarctic experience.  It is well worthwhile going there.

NZ has a special relationship with "the Ice" as we call it.  From Christchurch to Ross see is about 3000km and so we are exposed to the natural ebb and tide of whatever wind may come our way.  Speaking of wind - there are times when Antarctica seems to have had to many beans - at times it can blow rather strongly. In any case - we are also hosting the American supply base here which of course brings some much needed $$$ to our Economy - and some great sights of big lumbering planes flying south.  The other thing our Austrian Visitors need to remember is that as we are traveling around the country we are generally moving closer to the Ice.  Something that always provides some amusement or is it friendly rivalry between ourselves and Mamabear's sister!

So to the Antarctica center we walked and there is this "Storm Room" which is essentially a refridgerated box - that mimicks current temperatures down in Antarctica NZ station.  And every so often they re-create a storm! Thus the temperature plummets - or at least how you FEEL it.  So it stayed -8 but the wind chill was -28!! Brrrrr.  Why is this important??

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Once we go up on Mount John Observatory they talk about one jacket or two jacket weather.  Sometimes it is a 3 weather jacket and on rare occasions they cancel the trip . . . . . 
So I figured this was a great training experience for our intrepid travelers!!! :)

Eventually from there it was back home to thaw out and have dinner - and then eventually bed.
In-between Wilfried managed to visit a old friend of his and have Fish and chips!! hmmm
May have that tonight as well.

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