Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Austrian Bed and Breakfast - with a Kiwi kitchen

Wednesday, May 8, 2013
oldbearnews editor Each country has its own 'kitchen' eg. its own special dishes.
I have a cookbook from Austria that lists all the traditional dishes one can reasonably expect from said country in Europe.
There is of course the Palatschinken and Schwarzwald Kirsch Torten - hmm Sacher-torte and :-)   I digress (puts all cakes out of his mind and tries to re-focus on more important matters - such as . . . .     wiener schnitzel - eeech more food!!! )

Here down under we have of course several decent menu choices as well.
They range from Huhu-grub - to mutton birds and pavlova, not to mention fresh salmon and various other seafood, including the world famous Bluff Oyster - eaten best fresh and raw - just slurp 'em down honey . .  :)   ) If you ever come to the Hokitika Wild-food festival - these little critters are actually quit tame to eat!!  I did offer Cousin Martina the local delicatessen, and she very politely declined. Can't understand why!!!  After all, they have a peanut butter like taste and are quit fleshy and crunchy and very rich in Protein.  In fact some vegans swear by them.  Of course you would have to go into the Forrest to find them.  Hmmmm   I have another cousin who may well enjoy them, given the diet said cousin is enjoying!!  Ah well, that will keep for later.

The REAL reason I am writing about mouthwatering food and its associated delicious tastes  - is that the mermaid and little princess have indeed enjoyed a Feijoa cake while urm enjoying the sunshine out here.  (Actually so have a certain group of scout leaders on a recent enjoyable trip to the Westcoast of good ol NZ).  Now I am given to understand that you cannot get Feijoa's in Austria (like - REALLY) - so not sure why I am posting the recipe - but anyhow . . .
HERE it is - very, very simple to make and most enjoyable to eat- especially after the second day (once the Feijoa cake has "matured" a bit in the Fridge).  It should be said that some folks add a teeny weeny bit of crushed banana and/or a teeny weeny bit of ground nuts to the cake mix. Myself - the more Feijoa the better.

So - Mermaid - your challenge is to bake a Feijoa cake and then post your taste-findings as a comment below - or even better post a picture . . .    ^^
Have fun

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Doris Pöll said...

Wähhhh - I hope you did not me!! These worms are disgusting!!!!

anticuus ursus said...

Yeah they look - urm - challenging. must be a eyes closed eating test challenge thing! Have you googled Hokitika wild-food festival and checked out the menu there? :) must check the dates and see if you here then . . . ^^ *grins*

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