Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Austrian Bed and Breakfast - a new customer?

Tuesday, May 14, 2013
oldbearnews editor
Wohoooo - One cousin safely ensconced in Sydney and enjoying the sunshine A N D  the beach.  Rumor has it the mermaid had to re-aquaint herself with the surf!! Lucky for her I had some discussions with the local head poncho (called the "great white shark")  patrolling the beaches and he agreed to urm not hunt humans, but be more focused on some slippery Lions.  In fact I am very jealous - they have daily sunny temps of 20-26 degrees and here it is heading into winter with often gray drab days and only occasional over 12 degrees but often in single digits!

News coming in from Austria - a old friend - hmmm (well he is older) let's rephrase this, a urm friend whom we have known since 1988 has decided to re-visit Austria - oooops   New Zealand!!!  Naturally we are most excited by this news and have already made some changes to the bedding in the new luxury outdoor accommodation!  Even stacked the firewood :)
Changed also our mindset - on the recent outing we said - "Wilfried will stop here for a photo, and here - oh and over there.  At this rate we never make it to . . . . .  before dinner"  Are we worried - nope - it is after all, all digital now - not like last time where he went through some 1000's of negatives! We will be - after all (sort of)  tour-guide and driver and luggage carrier and in-house-cook and . . . 

BUT - and yes - it is a big Butt (not a physical you understand - mine is just shapely)

I cheekily asked my cousin (yes one of my 30 cousins that I have) IF she would consider traveling with Wilfried.  After a few par-seconds (ok a couple of days or so) there is a image of a ticket on FB confirming the arrival of urm 3 adults!
Woohooooooo!!!!  However this meant that the outhouse is no longer suitable!!  OH DEAR!! 
We will re-arrange the sleeping quarters to something more - urm - spacious or should that be cavernous states.  For myself, I am trying to do the fitness thing - so this location appealed. Wonder how comfortable the sleeping would be -and - yes - could be fun if you are sleepwalking to the toilet (although that would double as a morning shower and exercise all in one?) . Still it has got potential - you know - morning sleep - roll over and do 30 laps in the pool, work up an appetite for breakfast and coffee . . . . .     :)

With all of us traveling we will need to check out modes of transportation.  It has been suggested that the best way of seeing NZ is via Bicycle. Not that I can visualise the 5 of us on the road in a hmm 5-people-cycle.  Although - it could be fun!! 
Those knowing mamabear will know she wants to travel more relaxed and in style.  Indeed it has been suggested that we do sell the house and buy a caravan . . . . .
Suggestions for that are flooding in.  This sample MAY just be out of our cash range - but tempting.  On a more realistic range would be a 4 or 6 berth Camper-van.  The beauty with them is that you can leave your bed up and not have to re-configure every night / morning into a seating table thing. 

Hmmm much to do - must dash and - dash - no wait - WORK other (scouting related) projects

Tudeloo for now - have fun

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anticuus ursus said...

Hahahaaa... Such a great entry again! Thanks for checking out things with Mr Great White Shark! Very pleased with that! I am still having minor and major problems with posting a reply, but it has to do with my tablet and not with your blog. Yeah, so if you are selling the house, let me know. I find it very cosy. Maybe we can find an arrangement there. We buy it and the boys pay us some rent or can stay for free if they run the household and you can get that campervan and tour NZ :)) We'll figure something out! Max and Maggie are welcome to stay too of course ;) and we'll bring Angelo and hopefully Nelson... :))
Martina and Ileana

anticuus ursus said...

uhu well that has got possibilities :D

Do you have a half a mil spare NZ $$'s????


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