Friday, May 24, 2013

Austrian Bed and Breakfast in Kiwiland - missed opportunity

Friday, May 24, 2013
oldbearnews editor

When I heard the soon to be trans-morphing meremaid was planning to come down under - I charged her with two things before she was due to leave the nest of Austria.
  • One - to take a Video of the water going down the plughole  (and take note in which direction it spirals) and 
  • Two - to have a good look at the full moon and take note of the "Sandman"

We then were supposed to compare with down under and if we had (which we did not because we were FAR to busy enjoying ourselves with other urm liquid matters!)  We would have noted that

  • One - the water here does really spiral the other way down the plug-hole!!
  • Two - that the poor Sandman is on a permanent headstand!!

I have included a pic I snapped 2 days back and hopefully you can see the acrobatic hand stand worthy of Olympic status!! And no - I did not auto-rotate the image :D  would I do a thing like that??

Anyhow - Cousin Doris / Wilfried - the same challenge applies to you before you leave Austria . . . . . .

We did also look at the stars and compared notes with the northern Hemisphere
(no dipper down under) but we have the Southern Cross - which is such a dominant feature in the night sky it features on at least two national flags down under!
These two images will illustrate perfectly well how we find due south. Unlike the big dipper which is pretty much  mostly in the same space in the sky,  the Southern Cross does move around and in particular the axis moves around - it really is like a kite in the day flying up and down and across.

However you can see more here down-under then up north of the Orion belt!!  :)

See if you can spot the cross and work out due south :)

Have fun

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