Thursday, May 23, 2013

Austrian Bed and Breakfast in Kiwiland - all empty

Thursday, May 23, 2013
oldbearnews editor
Well - all good things come to an end. The mermaid saw the wisdom of escaping the warm late Autumn sun and is heading back to good old - urm = well home, where - so I am told - is some good old warm - urm sun.  :)
Meanwhile we did post a little something for the two intrepid travelers and yes - it won the race.
The clue to its inards are as follows:

"It is in TWO parts - one for you and one for the princess - and although each part is rock  hard  each part comes in many separate pieces . . . .  "

In fact I am amazed it made it half way across the world and not spill its beans - urm - so to speak.

Anyhow - I do hope the two travelers can relate to the internals!!

My last job - speaking to some local albatross guides - and make sure that they can help navigate the big bird back to Europe via a safe overland travel passage.  The local volunteer (he was semi-appropriately named i-map) tuned his internal radar and went for it.  This of course is assuming he can find Australia and Sydney in the first place!!  Some people do confuse Australia as being our 'Western Island'

Meanwhile - Mamabear and myself are contemplating a 'empty nest'. Both Boys are more or less totally independent and with them working we see them very little.
So the question is - what is a childless couple alone at home to do . . . . . .     *grins* - wait - ohhh yeahhhhh    :D  

Anyhow - Martina and Ileana - safe travels back home and yes - one day we will see each other again. 

Have Fun

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