Sunday, May 27, 2012

Prevention of Cruelty to Teddy Bears [SPCTB]

Sunday, May 27, 2012
oldbearnews editor
The prevention of cruelty and misuse of comfort and stress relieving soft animals which look like the family of animals know as 'Bear'  and have the common name of Teddy Bears.  I belong to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Teddy Bears [SPCTB]!  It asks for the immediate dismissal of foster parents for cruelty and neglect of our beloved teddy bears [normally nonliving character which can and so will in any form be anthropomorphized into living, breathing, feeling individuals] if they mistreat one of our members (teddy-bears). 
The rules are set out as follows: 

1. Teddy Bears are not inanimate objects 

2. Teddy Bears are to be cuddled and hugged as much as needed, but they are not to be used as pillows. 

3. Teddy Bears have the right to as much bed space as they need. Any human sharing the bed with the Teddy Bear is to have any room that is left and must not in anyway force the Teddy Bear from its rightful place on the bed. 

4. Teddy Bears shall always be given names. This name shall let the Teddy Bear hold its head up high at any picnics that it attends. Names such as Fluffy Wuffy, shall not be allowed. 

5. Teddy Bears have the right to be dressed in suitable clothing and are not to be denigrated by the wearing of dolls' clothing. 

6. Teddy Bears do not fly (without the aid of an airplane), unless by express permission of the Teddy Bear involved. 

7. It is recommended that Teddy Bears should not be given any alcoholic drink. If at any time such drink is given to a Teddy Bear, then no responsibility will be taken for anything that happens after that. (See Rule 9 for cases where your Teddy Bear insists). 

8. Teddy Bears are omnipotent and their word is final on all matters. 

9. If you witness a Teddy Bear being abused then you are to report the matter to your nearest TBPO (Teddy Bear Protection Officer) who can be contacted through your local branch of the SPCTB (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Teddy Bears). 

10. No abusing your Teddy Bears, another's teddy Bears, or homeless Teddy Bears in any way or form, whether physically, sexually, or neglectfully. 

11. No posting rude comments towards ro about Teddy bears or photos of abused Teddy Bears or your comments will eb deleted and the Teddy bears will ban you.

12. Be entirely too philosophical for your own good. Eccentricities are highly admired.

13. Post any form of media that you wish as long as it doesn't harm, or show the harming for Teddy bears in any way, shape, form or manner. 

14. Do not feed the Teddy Bears [They are already stuffed].  

15. The diet of your bear is vital to his or her very existence. Teddy Bears should be allowed a choice of what they are fed, no matter how ridiculous that choice is. (See Rule 9). 

If you do not follow the rules in full, then you may be risking the chance of your teddy bear leaving you and if he/she finds that any breaches of the rules have occurred then he/she will have no choice but to leave you and go to another home. As there are many families that have not had your good fortune and yearn for a Teddy Bear of their own, I am sure that he/she will have no problem. Be grateful you even have a teddy bear to love and cherish because others may not have that opportunity. If anybody wishes to register as a foster parent for a battered and abused Teddy Bear, or would like to own a teddy bear of your very own, then please contact us and, we will then carry out a full check into your suitability as a candidate, making sure no past teddy bear abuse is on your record.If nothing shows up, we will then send you your brand new teddy bear friend, free of charge.

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