Sunday, September 19, 2010

Earth-shattering birthday

Sunday, September 19, 2010
oldbearnews editor yes well
see - it is tradition amongst our family to cook one special meal - as per birthday persons request for the celebrant.

My son - 'Dad - we havn't had a meatloaf for a while . . . . . . . '
Me - 'Does this constitute a official request???'
Son - 'Well you do make one mean lean meatloaf . . . . . '

Thus I had no choice - my late buddy teenager son requested a meatloaf in teenager babble- so we went out and bought  some stuff and next day I slaved in the kitchen for hours to create our usual earth-shattering birthday meal meatloaf!
I cannot possible give you a recipe - it changes - depending on what's in the larder - and that depends largely on the seasons and budget!! (and the mood of the chef!!) - but meat and mushroom and garlic and eggs and crumbs and urm - other stuff were in it - not to mention herbs and spices.

They say the Stig looks better - dunno . ....
It even turned out ok - and was by all accounts delicious enjoyed by all and the glasses of white urm - medicinal drinks - helped to temporarily forget the earth moving beneath our dining table.  It tasted great even on the next day when I polished the left overs off with a luncheon sandwich!!

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