Thursday, June 3, 2010

Teenager is alarmed

Thursday, June 3, 2010
oldbearnews editorahuuuuu - you gotta love your children.
Seems one of my sons has real difficulty getting out of bed and be ready for a days work at Uni - and today he overslept - again!! (apparently his alarm died ^^ ) and his older brother either intentionally or sweetly innocently (thinking younger Bro had already left) set the burglar-alarm when he left for his stint at Uni. Sooo when younger sleepy bro wakes up and answers a call to nature - yep - lights flashing / noise everywhere . . . .. .

When I checked in from my cellphone there was some mutterings of severe payback consequences ^^

We'll see - I cant wait for the details of that plan however if he keeps sleeping in . . . . . it won't happen in a hurry

*grins* maybe he needs some help - I used to be good with this ^^

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