Saturday, January 23, 2010

original tech support enquiry

Saturday, January 23, 2010
The tech support problem dates back to long before the industrial revolution, when primitive tribesmen beat out a rhythm on drums to communicate:

Tech Support: This Fire Help. Me Groog.
User: Me Lorto. Help. Fire not work.

Tech Support: You have flint and stone?
User: Ugh.

Tech Support: You hit them together?
User: Ugh.

Tech Support: What happen?
User: Fire not work.

Tech Support: *sigh* Make spark?
User: No spark. No fire. Me confused. Fire work yesterday.

Tech Support: *sigh* You change rock?
User: I change nothing.

Tech Support: You sure?
User: Me make one change. Stone hot so me soak in stream so stone not burn Lorto hand. Small change. Shouldn't keep Lorto from make fire.

Tech Support: *Grabs club and goes to Lorto's cave*

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