Friday, November 20, 2009

My resignation Presents

Friday, November 20, 2009
Ok - finally got round to taking the pic's and uploading them. I did say in the general mailing out to the troops (before the AGM) - no flowers and not speeches please - seems they did listen - sort of. Although I did inadvertently walk in on something and knew from the reaction that SOMETHING was up. Mamabear got a lovely bunch of flowers for being the long suffering wife and I - well a picture tells a thousand words - enjoy . . . . .
I have to say - having spent time pouring over it and taking it all in - this Pic board is almost like "this is your life" TV program! There are pictures of almost every leader I worked with and near enough every major camp or scout event I went too. And I am man enough, to say, that I did shed a couple of tears the morning after - and then walked somewhat blurry eyed to work.
STITCH - consider yourself double hugged!! Your a Gem!!
Oh and I nearly forgot - also was presented with a Medal of merit. Way cool.

photoboardRaised picture board
Picture board - front on
Vinnie - my newest teddybear
Vinnie my new Teddybear

Vinnie - looking all cool and suave - this guy - nothing can disturb him - although he isn't so keen on going camping with 19 Keas this weekend. He couldn't poss be shy - could he???

I think he must be contemplating life or something . . . .

bear print

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