Friday, August 7, 2009

How to have a daughter - thats not your own flesh and blood

Friday, August 7, 2009
Sigh - it had to happen later or sooner. You know me - fun loving carefree bear, always ready to play some tricks (my fav tv show - Candid Camera!!) - and my checkered past is catching up.
Anyhow everyone knows we got two boys - well urm they are young men by now - but NOT many know I also have a daughter but don't worry - I did not have THAT much fun - still the mind boggles. Never mind I can EXPLAIN . . . on how I have a daughter that is not my own flesh and blood.

See - many many years ago we lived in Wellington and when we returned to Christchurch, I came across this bloke who had 2 very young girls and recently divorced. Never met the mum for a while but the girls came to church regularly. After a while the arrangements of child care changed amicably and dad was off doing study some other town. Mum became the full time carer. By that stage I had already befriended the little girl and over time we became very very good friends.
I must have made a good impression. Cant imagine for one minute how - seeing that like Balloo I'm into having (some say too much) fun. *grins* Or was it the substitute male father figure?? *shrugs*

Still - some 18 years or so later (who's counting?) - we have kept up the relationship and I have been privileged to part of her live. Seeing her go through primary school / teenage years / overseas trip / sport/ new work placement and recently her engagement. I am honored to be sure.

And so yes my lovely cousin - I do have a daughter - albeit a honorary one but nevertheless a real person I treasure in my life.

Hmmm she's getting married sometime soon . . . . .
What does one give as present for that??? Me gets Parental Manual out - page 69813548567534 paragraph 2564 - I think it was . . . .


Wohooo - had the dinner - lovely food and fantastic company!! It has been announced - I might have a wedding to go to next year! Only question is - what to give. Ok i got a year to ponder that - meanwhile - back to dishes

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