Monday, June 1, 2009

Westcoast trip - the legend continues

Monday, June 1, 2009
wohooo -just got home -and I am so tired!!
Anyhow below some photos , lets just say we had a blast.

Giggles will have to be upgraded to "extreme giggles" and I will NEVER ever again be able to eat a banana with a straight face.

More on camp later . . . .

Sir G.H. and Trowel - I am soooo sad you missed a wonderful camp . . . REALLY I am sad - however I will fill you in on details later - suffice to say we may have a new recruit for the secret - sshhhh you-know-what society . . . .

two old wannabe gold diggersTwo old miners (they do exist - really) having a close shave!!

legs being shaved

Bush walk in NZ
The Bush walk through NZ native forest and old Gold mine workings / shafts and tunnels - taking a rest and contemplating nature . . . .

breakfast in bed???The promised Bread and breakfast - urm breakfast in bed !! turned out to be a well cooked meal - albeit on the kitchen table. Mind you after playing the Dean Martin Song "how do you like your eggs in the morning" at nighttime . .
well lets just say we where lucky to get s o m e thing to eat! Part one of the bribe completed!

danger - teenagers watchingWe were lucky that we arrived just in time to see a blasting in the mine. getting the soil ready for a easy dig-up and transport.

NO - absolutely NOT - Ventures - u MAY NOT duplicate this process at home or in the Den or well anywhere

Idric - under no circumstances - don't even think about it . . . . .


YEAH - my "man-shirt" got its promised wash - ahh you had to be there - the faces once they SMELLED the shirt - absolutely priceless. Anyhow giggles did a good job given the circumstances.
Still once back home I through it into the washing with the rest of my camp clothing - full well knowing that on Saturday it will get low and dirty again. Hmmm, wonder if giggles WANTS to come on next years Westcoast Camp.
Possibilities - it got - this one. Much to think I have, about this . . .

hungry scouts

Contrary to the image -- we did feed them well - trust me!!!!!!!!
Scouts honor, cross my heart

snowball fightOn the way home we just had to stop for a few minutes and engage in a mock battle of Vans. All I can say - we won - hands down. This is back on the east side of the divide, but on the west side - we had 2 stunning days of sunshine and starry nights that need to be seen to be believed!!!

anyhow - I'm knackered so will listen to some notes on my pillow - hopefully all night long


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Sir G.H. said...

Sorry I missed the trip as i was looking forward to it! I had to go back again to Perth on Monday to finish the project plan into the bargain!

Good to hear you all had a good time!

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