Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mistaken identity - Spoon

Saturday, June 6, 2009
Ok so here is me minding my own business and some clown is pretending to be me and signing of as spoon on various parts of the web.

I AM NOT SPOON - lets get this clear!!
Clearly a case of mistaken identity or more like a impostor and it seems Spoon here is working to wind me (or indeed good old giggles) up.

See ----> spoon-on-giggles blog

So I decided to do some research and found out some very interesting stuff. I hired a very experienced undercover spook - yes spook - who's sole job was to find out details. And i have to say he did a great job . . . . .

W E L L --
For a start our illustrious spoon owns a cafe - pic of THAT to follow.
Then he seems to follow the family trade - our friend spoon is from very good parental stock . . . see . . .

knife & forkI kid you not - this photo was delivered to me in a manila envelope under the cover of darkness on a stormy rainy night - urm - well - sorta kinda slipped under the door. Seems Knife and Fork are the parental stock of our friend Spoon - and they have set him loose here in good ol NZ. So much for these New Yorkers good will.

Hmmm wonder if I should go and visit "The Family" and see what kind of people - oops meals they do . . . .

Will keep you posted

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