Monday, June 22, 2009

Camping with a cheeky bird - part two

Monday, June 22, 2009
home made rocket in the treesOoooops Houston we have a problem.

Really what is the nature of the problem?

Well - would you believe . . . . . . .

yummy camp foodYou know the story -

"Please SIR, may I have some more?"

bonus point if you can tell me which play this line is from. Anyhow we had a fantastic spread and plenty to eat!

little children drying the dishesYes Mum - our Kea's did indeed wash and dry their dishes - so from now on there is no more excuse for not helping in the kitchen - well apart from I got homework . . . . and the - urm - isn't that why we have a dishwasher in the kitchen mom?

Isn't digi proof great - no escaping here.

ice cream on a coneOf course what better way to finish a good meal and hard work drying your own dishes then with a well deserved desert of ice cream! Yummm - and such a shame I am on diet . .. . . .

 swing that ropewell - if I HAD known that rope jumping was part of the evenings program - I could have had that cone!!!
Here one of our Kea's can be seen learning to jump with a bit of help.

Funnily enough that exercise did not make them tired at all - more like woke them up - so we had a job settling them into bed.
Then I forgot - Kea's like to be up with the crack of dawn - so by 5.30 am two girls were merrily starting to sing away - dang there goes the sleep in on camp!!!!

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