Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Camping with a cheeky bird - part three

Wednesday, June 24, 2009
OK so I got some more pic's delivered (thanks Andy)- so here is a promise - this is the last of the pic's from our Kea camp!!!

tug of warHow many cheeky Kea's does it take to pull three leaders - urm - well - you know - we had to let them "win" - a n d we didn't cheat. Honest, would I pull one over you?

how many bodies in a box
LOL - we might never make it into the Guinees book of records but I am sure we counted 11 bodies "inside" this box.
pheew - I so hope they have had a shower before hand - or it could be a bit of a - urm - odorised experience??

show and tell timeHmmm the best we can say here is that I was pretty sure my "show and tell" days from school where long over - apparently NOT SO.

Papabear is seen here talking about campfire blankets and campfire eticette.
More to the point why we have the campfires and how to keep safe.

campfire circle
Even though we had 2 weeks of rain soaked wood - I did manage to get a fire going - WITHOUT - the use of paper or spirits. HA Venturers eat your heart out - I still got it. (hint = use dry gorse and some dry pine cones and - urm - shhhhh thats a secret!) We did have a good sing song and the fire was warm and welcome.

I just hope we don't have future pyromanicas in training here - one set of Vent is usually enough

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