Sunday, June 7, 2009

Another year wiser - urm maybe??

Sunday, June 7, 2009

seeing it's my birthday - I got treated to a Brunch out - went to Drexles in Riccarton
they do breakfast's and lunch - 6 am - 2 pm only!!


Their advertising blurb said they use 200 dz eggs per week!! per WEEK!!!
Anyhow - the new diet motto - seems international recognized -
is to eat like a King for breakfast, have Lunch like a peasant and eat Dinner like a pauper.
Well I can report I had a meal fit for a king!

Fresh fruit for dinner I think. Bummer - and I made a rather rich and very tasty Tiramisu for todays evening . . . . .
Sir G.H. - you would have loved their "Farmers" brekkie!!!!!

www.wikipedia - Tiramisu

www.kochecke - Tiramisu -Tiramisu

www.cookingforengineers -Tiramisu

Ah well - u r only once a year older and wiser - I think?!
I can always starve tomorrow :)

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