Thursday, May 7, 2009


Thursday, May 7, 2009
Every man should have his special shirt, or as we call it his MANSHIRT. The one shirt that he uses to do any kind of work in it. The shirt he used on THAT day (so he thinks) to wow his woman. The shirt he fixed his beloved car in. In short it is a shirt that has memories, certain feelings and attachments with it. Every stain on the manshirt will remind him of a special episode in his life.
The Jam stain on bottom left - the day he fed his eldest for the first time a jam-toastie. The beer stain - of his coming of age party.
A shirt that he is comfy in no matter what the situation or stage in life he is in. Yes - every man should have one -his one and only truly Manhsirt - and readers will know from an earlier blog entry that I do indeed posses one such shirt.

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Regular readers will also remember that a certain teenager has promised to wash some of my clothes in order to secure a spot on our annual Westcoast trip. And as previously indicated - it still fits - but oh boy - the smell coming from it. It can be best described as musky / earthen / elephant in heat rusky/ with some fragrant floral (gardening remember) and stale pizza sorta kinda smell - and thats not mentioning the stains of sweat and blood and oil and urm - what was that blue one from???. Can't remember when I washed it last - urm - indeed if it ever got washed. Hazy a bit I am in that . . . . .

I have to say - while it is a man's job to look after his very special garment - I am glad I'm not the one washing it. My advise to giggles - bring a nose peg!!!! on second thoughts - maybe a blindfold would be a good idea too . . . .

shy teddybear in bedHere is me being shy - having lost my manshirt - and waiting for that promised breakfast in bed!!! Wonder what it will be??

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