Monday, April 20, 2009

Who's the real Oldbear???

Monday, April 20, 2009
ok - I know I am old-ish, and probably a bit of a novice geek. I got a nice surprise though when checking out my blog and some stats (you know- who logged on when and from where etc - yeah - surprise surprise some folks DO read this) -- and found out that someone had googled Oldbear and came to my blog - as well as some other blogs. Naturally I had to look that one up and yes - there is a genuine oldbear blog out on the web. :)

Definitely not mine.
Interesting reading.
Seems this Old bear is into - hmmmm - nah you gonna have to find out for yourself.

All I can say is that I own only one blog - this one - the one and only real oldbearnews, and that I will not or cannot take any credit for any other oldbear blogs. Hehehe at least mine is up-to-date!!

Hmmmm I have to get over the snail pace - Dial-up speed and load some pics from our Westcoast trip soon.
Have fun

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